Nicole Ratcliffe, Baby2Sleep

Nicole Ratcliffe, Baby2Sleep

Are you currently expecting a baby and looking for support in navigating this special time with confidence?

Are you currently feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the changes that are coming, and wonder if you're prepared physically, practically and emotionally?

Are you currently spending your free time googling everything to do with birth and babies and feeling increasingly confused with the endless amounts of free advice, influencers and adverts you're seeing on a daily basis

Would you like to prepare practically and emotionally for what is to come with evidence-based information about what is normal in terms of new parent feelings and emotions, baby development, sleep and more?

To have the confidence to ignore the people around you telling you are spoiling their baby by cuddling them all the time, that you should leave your baby to 'cry it out' or you should or shouldn't use a dummy?

To alleviate your anxiety about the dreaded 4-month sleep regression so you can approach it in a more positive way.

To feel confident in your choices and not feel like you will be pressured into doing something you don't want to do and feel less anxious about what lies ahead?

If so, I can help I am a baby and sleep expert who is fully trained and qualified and a mum. I have a passion for supporting parents and making a real difference in what is a very broken system.

I created a course that is designed to help new and expectant parents on their journey into becoming a parent and helping them through the first 6 months of their baby’s life.


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