Louise Hannah, Midwife, Aromatherapist & massage therapist

Louise Hannah, Midwife, Aromatherapist & massage therapist

Let me introduce myself

I am Louise Hannah, BSc, PgD.


I started my professional health career working as a cardiac nurse then I trained as a midwife and currently I have over 17 years’ experience working in the NHS. 


Over the years my passion for aromatherapy and exploring natural ways to promote health has grown. I wanted to offer natural drug free options with regards to pain management, sleep issues, stress relief and naturally stimulating the onset of labour.


So, I qualified as an aromatherapist and started my company Pure Bliss to offer therapeutic massage treatment to women of all ages to naturally promote wellbeing.


I expanded my business in 2021 to include my own range of candles in a selection of beautiful scents to continue the therapeutic experience in the comfort of your own home.  Aromatherapy candles contain natural oils that have a physical and psychological effect on our body. 

My aim is to harness the power of our sense of smell to influence our emotional state whether that be to relax, stimulate or calm the mind.

find out more here: Pure Bliss - Candles Wax Melts, Massage, Massage Therapy (pureblissonline.com)

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