Dearbump for individuals

Whether you’re a soon-to-be-mum or someone looking for a great gift for an expectant mum, you can count on our subscription boxes to deliver a boost of happines

What's Included?

award winning pregnancy boxes

Celebrate pregnancy announcements with our support package. Our Dearbump wellbeing boxes are tailored to each stage of pregnancy and parenthood, and contain products and information to help at the right time. From morning sickness remedies to birth affirmation cards we support each stage of their journey.

digital support from expert midwives

Safe, confidential, evidence-based advice from the start of pregnancy up to 2 years post birth. Including expert advice on all aspects of pregnancy, triage & signposting, preparing for labour & birth, postpartum care – up to the age of 2, baby behaviour – e.g feeding, sleeping, perinatal mental health – awareness, mindfulness techniques.

Proactive wellbeing support throughout pregnancy and early parenthood

1-2-1 expert support on WhatsApp from our health team, 7 days a week, 8 hours a day, no appointment necessary, with anonymous sign-up.

Monthly wellbeing checks ins throughout pregnancy, parental leave, return to work and up to 2 years post birth.

Pregnancy Loss Aftercare Plan
We guide people through a mix of expert led written, audio and video content to ensure people are equipped with practical insights and tools to recover from pregnancy loss.

Choose a package

Our 12 Month plan includes:

  • Access to experienced midwives on WhatsApp/SMS 7 days a week*
  • Monthly wellbeing check-ins with a midwife
  • Access to the dearbump resource hub
  • Pregnancy loss support
  • Monthly dearbump boxes

After you check out and pay we will send you an email that contains all of the information you need and one of our midwives will reach out to you within 3 working days.

What our customers say


"Thank you for reassuring me. As a first time mum I have had lots of anxiety. This is the first time I’ve been able to get answers as I still haven’t been assigned a midwife by my GP surgery. Thank you for your support. I am very grateful."

First Time Mum



"dearbump provides extra support and can reach our employees in a way in which we are not always able to. It helps to show we are invested in our employees and their journey into parenthood and supporting their return to work."

Head of HR



"Absolutely amazing being able to get advice right there, I’ve been so worried and you’ve helped put my mind at ease. Thank you"

First time parent



Our aim was to let our employees know that they are valued and to give them the time to focus on themselves/have a bit of selfcare. A range of personalised, beautiful and thoughtful gift boxes were sent directly to our employees, making the whole process really quick and easy for me, as a busy business owner. I cannot recommend dearbump enough. We will continue to work with dearbump going forward and believe that every business owner should see how this can benefit their business.

People Director



The process was easy and accessible which allowed us to introduce the firm to it with excitement and understanding. The feedback we have received from our employees has been very positive and they have really bought into this service. This makes us feel that we are caring for our employees and upholding our company values.

People Manager