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CALM/SURGE Pregnancy Roller Oils

CALM/SURGE Pregnancy Roller Oils

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Birth Blends CALM & SURGE roller oils. As a registered midwife and aromatherapy for birth practitioner, I often see the amazing benefits of using aromatherapy in pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. However, I also see that it is not accessible or easy to use for everyone. And that’s why I created Birth Blends!

All our blends are personally hand-blended using 100% pure essential oils. Roll onto pulse points & inhale. Designed to help you feel positive and relaxed, CALM is perfect for that pregnancy fatigue, labour and night feeds. Contains ylang ylang & lavender to uplift & relax, with bergamot to alleviate stress. Analgesic properties may also relieve those pregnancy aches & pains. Great for a mood emergency! Safe to use throughout pregnancy, birth & beyond. Also included in the Birth Blends aromatherapy kit - can be found at

SURGE is the blend for enabling powerful, fear-free labours. Contains clary sage (used in our NHS birth centre) to energise & promote surges. Also great in the postpartum period to help you recover due to the uterotonic properties of clary sage and rose giving your womb a helping hand. Grapefruit oil may help reduce stress and let the oxytocin flowww. For the 3rd trimester & postpartum period. Also available as 30ml massage oil -

Contains no nasties - just pure essential oils, cold-pressed, organic sunflower oil and natural vitamin E. Full list of ingredients found on BB kit listing.

All essential oils used in these blends are 100% pure, classed as safe to use in pregnancy by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and are 1-2% blends. However, it is recommended that you do a skin patch test and consult with your medical professional before use. Store in a cool, dark environment (like the fridge). Oils individually last 1-2 years however it is recommended blends are used within 6 months of receiving. Not to be used in place of medical therapies.

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