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Post Natal Care Package

Post Natal Care Package

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You’re in the home stretch of pregnancy. In just a few days, you’ll finally meet your little one. We’re so excited for you! But while you can’t wait for your bundle of joy to arrive, remember that the last trimester is also the perfect time to prep your body for birth and postpartum recovery. So we offer our curated Birth Prep and Heal box. This care package includes: 

1 x Pure bliss postnatal compress solution

Pure Bliss Soothing Compress Solution soothes and calms your delicate intimate area after birth; bringing immediate relief to a tender perineum, reducing that swollen feeling and supporting the tissues to heal (including a Caesarean Section wound)  Pure Bliss is just the sort of TLC that any new mummy needs.

1 x Konjac sponge with pink clay 

The pink clay bath and shower Konjac Sponge has been created for sensitive and dehydrated bodies. Pure Konjac plant fibre has been mixed with pink French clay to help those suffering from weather-stressed complexions. Whether the skin has been exposed to harsh sun or central heating, pink clay helps soften and condition without causing any irritation.

Bloom and Blossom Calming sleep spray: The pillow mist of your dreams. Tranquillity is a vital part of any sleep routine, so this spray has been crafted with naturally soothing ingredients to help you unwind and switch off.

Bloom and Blossom Leg and Foot Spray: Refreshing spritz to instantly relieve and revitalise tired legs. No time to put your feet up? No worries. A quick spritz of this will help alleviate water retention and refresh tired legs, ankles and feet.

Aloe Vera Hydrating Body Milk: Drench your skin with Vegan By Happy Skin super hydrating Aloe Vera juice body milk infused with skin-loving shea butter and skin barrier perfecting Jojoba Seed Oil. Feel your skin - soft silky and hydrated.

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