Learning to Love my Bump

Learning to Love my Bump

In my early pregnancy I was super excited for my loving round bump being proud of having a tiny human inside. Seeing all of these lovely ladies with the most gorgeous round bumps loving showing it off and taking photos at every chance possible. 

I didn’t start  showing  until I was around 30 weeks and even then it looked as if I had just eaten a few too many sausage rolls. I was so upset that my bump wasn’t what I was expecting and started to hide away from it.


 I am now 34 weeks pregnant and have realised that bumps are like humans they come in all shapes and sizes. You should be so proud of the bump you’ve got. Each bump/pregnancy will be different and embrace each one. Remember pregnancy is only 9 months that is no time at all!


I am so proud of my small chunky bump realising how our bodies are changing and developing through this time is amazing. Embrace every moment of being pregnant!


Be you and be beautiful x

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