Partner with Us

We have a database of subscribers, who pay a monthly fee to receive a box of items related to pregnancy and motherhood and to make them feel special, a monthly pick me up, beating all the normal post and generally just receiving a mixture of products from beauty, stationery to home products, not to mention the tasty treats!
Brands featured in Dearbump box benefit from exposure on our website, blog posts, newsletter mentions and marketing activity across our social media. We have great relationships with many bloggers and celebrity influencers who review our boxes – and the products within – on a regular basis. Supporting small businesses and start-ups is something we’re truly passionate about!
Featuring in Dearbump will give any company a high platform to reach new customers, giving them a chance to try your product out, enjoy and go back to you for more.
Interested? Contact Emma – – To find out more about how you can grow your brand with Dearbump