5 Things I have learned since being pregnant

5 Things I have learned since being pregnant
I have had so many things happen since being pregnant i wanted to talk about a few things I have found out during pregnancy that might help your journey. 

  1. Mood Changes: I always knew that our hormone balance changed but I never really knew. I mean the science behind it is easy our Estrogen and Progesterone levels change, this can mean our moods change. I noticed this especially within the second and third trimester developing antenatal depression. It is completely normal to experience the highs and lows. Just be aware of your moods. 
  2. Morning Sickness: Morning sickness was something that happened in the first 12 weeks when you get out of bed in the morning right? Well apparently not. Morning sickness can happen at anytime in the day at any time during pregnancy. I took the first 12 weeks for granted as i didn’t experience morning sickness. But it did hit me around the 15 week mark.
  3. Body Changes: Maybe I was being slightly naive about this one. But there is a whole load of changes that happen body wise. Remember your body is carrying a human its normal! I was worried I was never getting a bump but mine soon came in around the 33 week mark. Don’t compare bumps to others yours is individual to you!
  4. Opinions: This is your pregnancy and you will find people love having their opinion but remember to take it all on board and listen you may have some handy advice. Not all of the time but the times you don’t just nod politely.
5. Don’t Google!: Never google, google is not your friend. Please never rely on it. Any worries always ring your midwife.

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