Blue or Pink

Blue or Pink

Since finding out I was pregnant I was so excited to have a little boy, I had heard how much easier they are then girls when they are younger and less stressful when they are older. 

I was so set that a little boy was hiding in my belly, I decided on a name by the time I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I was also sure I wanted to know the sex to make it easier for friends and family to buy bits and I could be sure on names. 

Our local hospital did not allow gender reveal or scans, so going private was our only option, It was such a lovely experience It was the first time we heard the heartbeat we even saw her (yes her) in 4D!


We aren’t christening or having a baby shower so we were very excited for our gender reveal and to get our families together for a little get together.

We opted for a balloon pop reveal and seeing the pink confetti made me feel weird. I didn’t feel the excitement I was expecting to have being so sure on a boy.


I realised the reason I didn’t feel ecstatic was because I was so sure on a boy that I didn’t consider having a girl. But the fact that I get to teach my daughter about so many things my mum taught me, knowing how close I am with my mum makes me so excited to hopefully have that same relationship with my daughter.


It is ok to question sometimes, pregnancy is a whole whirlwind of emotions so its acceptable to not feel happy 100% of the time!


Be you and be beautiful

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