Body changes, the things they don’t tell you!

Body changes, the things they don’t tell you!
Body changes, the things they don’t tell you!
Of course we expect a cute bump and nice large boobs to arrive whilst being pregnant, but sorry to mention there are a lot of other things that happen too!
Let’s start with boobs aye, we all have them but the thing is when you don’t know you are pregnant this can be a tell tale sign. I never knew boob pain until pregnancy; they don’t just feel larger and perkier (if you are lucky enough to get this, mine still seem to be just as saggy!) But the nipple pain oh the nipple pain, even wearing a bra is unappealing. They just feel so tender and swollen.
I opted for cotton type bras eventually as other materials irritated them sooo much. You can buy maternity bras from a lot of retailers and online.
Next up is our pelvic floor that has undoubtedly disappeared, come on ladies anyone who has or is currently pregnant will hold their hand up to this one. One minute you are fine next you sneeze and bang there it goes. Unfortunately not the nicest pregnancy change when you find yourself having accidents!
Kegal exercises will be your best friend.
Remember our bodies will change and that’s ok lets embrace the fact we actually have a small human inside us of course there is going to be changes.
But be proud of you.
Be you and be beautiful
Billie x

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