Dearbump Review By Billie

Dearbump Review By Billie

Knowing this parcel was at home whilst I was at work was so annoying I just wanted to get my hands on the box!

Not only are the products beautiful but also thought and consideration that goes into the packaging is also so gorgeous, the colour scheme, quality and happiness that it brings is something I haven’t seen in a subscription box in a while 

Opening the box the first thing I saw was a lovely card with the Dear Bump information on and another card with so much pregnancy information as well as how big your baby is weekly between your box period and a little to do list to keep your mind busy, such a great idea to keep it unique.

Now the products I mean you really want to know what’s in there I can feel it!! The first thing that caught my eye and smelt amazing was the beautiful box of Morning Rescue Hottea Mama caffeine-free herbal tea containing 15 whole leaf tea (RRP: £6).

I generally am not a hot drinker but the smell of this tea may have changed my mind! This product is especially made for pregnancy so no harmful ingredient’s to you or little bubba.

Lets get all the snacks out of the way first as generally that’s where my eyes see things first; next up we have the Peaks Crunchy Chocolate Orange Squares (RRP: £1.19) these are filled with lots of great benefits including B12, Iron and high in fibre. A great snack to take on the go with you or just to eat for a nice treat.

The next item is something I didn’t even think existed until I opened this box and I mean this is one of the handiest things a pregnant lady could need, called the Oopsie Loopsie Waistband Extenders. I couldn’t find the RRP of these but they have 4 different loops in 2 sizes super stretchy when your jeans are getting a little tight but you don’t want to fork out for maternity jeans just yet.

The next product I pulled out was the BetterYou Dlux 3000 Daily VitD Oral Spray (RRP: £8.45) my midwife always tells me I need to take my vits but I always forget but having a spray is so much easier in the morning the taste is lovely and fresh like mint so no worries about a bad after taste.

Now lets talk about the skin products included there is so many products in here you’ll defo cover every pregnancy base.

Bloom and Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz (100ml RRP: £15) with the constant hot sweats and dry skin this is something that is going into my everyday bag, and into my hospital bag as I think I am going to need it. The smell is super revitalizing and relaxing I know this is going to be a new favourite of mine.  Another Bloom and Blossom product is the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream (150ml RRP: £24) I haven’t been good with keeping up with my creaming but this is super handy and made for pregnant ladies with ingredients that should help reduce stretch marks this product doesn’t really have a distinct smell more just clean which I like and not greasy and nice thick cream.

Pregnancy body oil is something I had never thought about until this box arrived today, the brand Banks Lyon Botanical has their own Nourish Pregnancy Body Oil in orange and almond (RRP: £8)

The ingredient list is so small and all the ingredients are natural and cruelty free, which I love.

This can be used in the bath or directly to skin I am so excited to add this to baths as the smell is so beautiful and with a nice candle and bubbles will be the best night in for us pregnant ladies.

Another Banks Lyon Botanical product the Avocado Mint and Olive lip exfoliator (RRP: £5) this beauty has already been used and will be used after every skincare routine I never got on with lip scrubs as they always felt too much for my lips but the fact this product contains olive and avocado it is really nourishing on top of being smoothing on my lips.

We are almost there folks, next is a handheld mirror with a lovely little saying on the back keeping us positive. I love these types of small bag mirrors as they just sit in your bag and handy enough to see what you need without taking up the whole of your bag space.

Last but not least is a lovely product which I wish I had earlier on in my pregnancy as Its just beautiful the BabyB Pregnancy Journal (RRP: £12) it has so many amazing things you can document weekly pregnancy diary to input your thoughts, appointments, the size of your little bean, questions for midwife sections and even bits for when baby is born. There is so much to do in this journal. I will be documenting daily within this journal now writing everything down so I can show little sprout when she is older how I was feeling and what I went through.

Overall this box is worth well over £50 for only £34 there are 8 different boxes all together depending on how far you are along. You can also send a gift box to one of your pregnant friends to give them a little boost. Boxes like this are such a great idea to try products you wouldn’t have heard about or would have tried, me definitely. I am so excited to try all the products and excited for my next box to arrive already. So many of these products can also be used for everyday use not just whilst you are pregnant! These boxes can be purchased at

Be you and be beautiful

Billie x

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