Finding out by Billie Allcock

Finding out by Billie Allcock
Finding out I was pregnant was something not on my to do list on a Friday but It was something I knew would change my life. 
A lot of people ask me how I knew I was pregnant or why did I get a pregnancy test? The honest answer, I really don’t know, I had no symptoms and regularly did tests as I was on contraception. 
The only feeling I had was going off my food, but that didn’t suggest to me pregnancy. 
After going to the local shop in the evening and them not having any I wasn’t worried, so I went a day later to my local pharmacy.
Peeing on a stick isn’t the most glamorous of things to do, but when it’s the only option to figure out if you are pregnant it’s got to be done!
I was never expecting the outcome of the 2 lines popping up it didn’t even cross my mind. 
I didn’t even believe the test, “I must be seeing things!” so a quick call to Josh was needed to come upstairs. 
He always doubted it as the two lines were so faint. Little did we know the small human inside was very much there.
I was only about 3weeks along when I found out and my parents were both 3,000 miles away, this couldn’t be happening!
This was officially when our lives changed for the best. What next?!
Be you and be beautiful,
Billie xo

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