First Midwife Appointment

First Midwife Appointment
Your first Midwife appointment can be so daunting!
Your first official visit to the midwife generally happens around the 8-12 week mark. This is the first time I really felt like it was all becoming real.
The first appointment is really about you and your partners health history. This gets all the information they need for your files and estimations for baby such as size and weight. 
This is also the time you will receive your maternity notes, which start out small, but you’ll soon start filling it with all types of information for you and baby. Remember bring these with you to every appointment.
Generally during your first appointment you will be asked to give a urine sample so they can see if you have any pregnancy conditions that might need help. They will also request taking blood to see if you have any STI/D’s as this can be harmful for the baby. We end up being like vampires after all the bloods they take from us!
Don’t forget this appointment is for you as much as the baby, you want to get all your questions or concerns answered, don’t worry about asking what you feel might sound random they get asked all sorts. 
The next appointment will be your dating scan! Which is where you’ll find out your due date and see your little bean!!
Be you and be beautiful
Billie x

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