Good Mum?

Good Mum?
Good mum?
Being a good mum has been one of my biggest fears during pregnancy.
I mean I have experience with kids and babies but none that are full time mine, I have always handed them back when they’ve been naughty or started to cry. The feeling of not being able to cope being a mum is so scary and letting your baby down even scarier!
So what is a good mum?
Who can decide that? There are so many judgemental people in this world that will criticize whether you breastfeed or not, whether they are in the correct clothing, whether you are carrying them or pushing them.
I have come to realise the fact that you will never be the perfect mum making mistakes is normal and this is a life changing experience its going to have tasks you’ve never done before.
But working through it and making it work is what is important, asking for help when you need it is crucial.
Don’t feel like you are alone! You will be an amazing mum to your child you know them best. Be proud of the mistakes and the fails you’ve made. Most of all don’t forget how amazing you are actually doing.
Keeping slaying!
Be you and be beautiful,

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