How I found out I was pregnant

How I found out I was pregnant

Hannah's Story

Everyone has stories surrounding their pregnancies and we love to hear them. Id like to share mine with you, and the best place to start is at the beginning.

How did I find out I was pregnant?

My pregnancy was a shock to say the least. It was early 2014, a Sunday night, I had gone to bed early as I had to be up for work the following morning. It had been a difficult, emotional time and I hadn’t been sleeping too well but this night I went out like a light, and I had a dream. In that dream, my sister told me I was pregnant and carrying a baby girl. I woke up the next morning and was really sick.

I tried not to over think things because I had been on the contraceptive injection for 4 years, and it was just a dream, but it felt so real. Just to put my mind at ease, I went to my local clinic before work and spoke to a nurse, who gave me a test. And there it was, a positive result. Straight away a huge rush of emotions flooded through me. I was scared, shocked, confused and everything else in between. But this was special.

As I said it has been a difficult time for me and my family, just a couple of months before this, my sister had passed away. That dream was the first one I had had of her since she left us and hearing her voice, seeing her face, it all felt so real.

7 days after what would have been my sisters 24th birthday, was the day I found out my baby’s gender. I was carrying a baby girl. Some people may think it’s a coincidence but for me I knew my sister was with me.

She was always there for me in through all the ups and downs in our lives, and I felt like it was her way of telling me and my daughter that she is still there for us every step of the way. And my daughter knows all about Aunty, her guardian angel, who loves her very much, sends her happy dreams and watches over her.


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