Mum & You Review!

Mum & You Review!

So I have recently been sent these amazing products by Mum and You. I am super excited to let you guys know how wonderful this brand and products are!

Please have a look at the About Us page on their site, it gives the most amazing story on why the brand was started and what happens when you purchase a product. They donate so much to the most amazing causes. The brand is all about being cruelty free, giving back and all about us mums and making our lives easier!



Get up and Glow Body Scrub

The RRP for this product is £11.99 for 280ML.

This product is cruelty free and has the most amazing ingredients such as almond oil, almond shell and coconut husk. This scrub is used to brighten and nourish skin!

I use scrubs as part of my shower routine so that I can remove any excess dry skin and fake tan. I am so amazed by this product as generally scrubs i’ve tried previously have been drying and not moisturising. But this product is not only a great scrub to keep your skin amazingly smooth but also supple after using. The smell of this product is devine and I am so excited to use this as part of my normal routine!


Anytime Anywhere Hand Cream

The RRP is: £8.99 for 75ML.

A vegan and cruelty free hand cream is great for conditioning and hydrating your hands. Again, including some lovely ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa seed butter and Vitamin E. For someone who isn’t a regular hand cream user I was wondering whether this would make that much of a difference but I was wrong!

The smell and conditioning of this product has made it essential for the bedside table to use every morning.


Bright Eyes Gel

The RRP is: £9.99 for 20ML

The Bright Eye Gel is a life changer for me. Being pregnant dry, tired under eyes has become the norm for me, but not any longer!

The gel has a rollerball applicator which is amazing for me as its instantly relieves my dull, dry eyes and it supercooling and great for application in the morning and before makeup application.

Another product which is cruelty free and vegan with ingredients such as Vitamin E, aloe vera and Rhodiola Extract.




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