Pregnancy Announcement by Billie

Pregnancy Announcement by Billie

Telling people you are pregnant! 
Isn't it a  hard decision on how to tell people you are having a baby?! There are so many questions to go along with it like, do I wait until the 12 week safe mark? Who do we tell first? How do we tell people? How will they react?

Making sure you are prepared for the good and the ok responses is important. Some people aren’t always sure on how to react when you tell them big news! I am the worst for expressing my immediate feelings towards a situation. 
Remember to stay calm and not just blurt it out, then no one understands what you are saying. 

I have been asked if we did an announcement to our families? Not really, it was very basic, we went around our close family first, sat them down and told them as soon as we found out as it was important they knew. 
It is so scary to tell people early in case something went wrong with the pregnancy. 

Most people wait until the 12th week of their pregnancy, as this is also your first scan and you can show the pictures!  
We announced to the rest of our family and friends after our 2nd scan as our first ‘official’ scan was at 8 weeks (that story is to come at a later date.)

It’s such a whirlwind of emotions for all involved as once people know they want to know everything. Remember it's ok to keep details to yourself and treasure those moments, make sure you don’t feel pressured. 
There will be some people's input that you may not need,  but they may think its helpful  so my advice is just to smile and nod.

Some key points to remember when telling family:

-Think about who you are going to tell first
-Explain to people if you don’t want others to know
-Be proud of what’s happening
-Accept different reactions remember they don’t have to be involved!

Be you and be beautiful!
Billie x

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