Self Care Guide

Self Care Guide
Self Care Guide
Going through pregnancy can be a very strange time for lots of women as the change in hormones and body changes can really impact your day to day life. 
After being diagnosed with antenatal depression during my second trimester, I have really had a think about the things that make me happy and do the things that keep me motivated!
So I thought I would write a few things that help me on my bad days or even on my good days when I am ready to relax. 
Being able to make time for yourself is crucial and don’t put other things in the way as you can become very overwhelmed. Don’t make excuses and definitely don’t  be ashamed to make time for you!
Here are a few things I have found to have helped me during pregnancy:
-Taking a good long bath with bubbles (I love lush bath bombs as they are great during pregnancy) make sure to turn off the lights and grab some candles to help you relax. 
-Watch your favourite movie or TV series with your favourite snacks - I love snacks hehehehe
-Going out with friends or family when you are feeling social
-On a nice sunny day I love taking my pooch out for a good long walk this is great for releasing good endorphins.
I love lying in bed but that can really take up my whole day if I let it, but sometimes that’s what we need.
So making sure I am getting up having breakfast is always the best thing for me to start my day.
I get Alexa to play some of my favourite music and get to work!
Try and always motivate yourself to do something when you aren’t feeling quite yourself, as dwelling on the negatives can really affect the way you feel and can sometimes make things feel much worse.
Remember to always ask for help when you need it, don’t be afraid. There is always a person to help whether that be friends, family, your midwife or the perinatal mental health team.
Be you and be beautiful 
Billie x

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