10 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks Pregnant

How is Your Baby Growing at 10 Weeks?

By week 10, your baby’s heart is beating around 160-180 times per minute (2-3 times faster than the average human adult’s heartbeat). Their stomach is formed and it begins to secrete digestive juices. The kidneys are still producing urine.


The foetal arms have formed and the elbows are able to bend. Their jaw already contains all of the future milk teeth.


At this stage, the sex of your future baby is determined. If they are a boy, they will start producing testosterone.

 fetus at 10 weeks

How Big is Your Baby at 10 Weeks?

At week 10, the baby is 3.3 cm (about the size of a prune) and weighs 4 g.


What Happens at 10 Weeks?

At week 10, you may be invited for your first ultrasound scan (known as the dating scan) to check that everything is okay and to give you an estimated due date. This scan is most commonly performed at week 12 but may be done earlier if your GP or midwife feels that this is appropriate.


You might start to experience foetal movement at this stage too.



What Symptoms Will You Have at 10 Weeks?

At week 10, you may still have tender and aching breasts. You might also notice blue veins appearing on your breasts, caused by the increased volume of blood circulating around your body.


It’s also common to have white vaginal discharge and experience constipation around this time of your pregnancy. If your discharge is smelly or causes itchiness around the vaginal area, it’s best to see your GP or midwife, as it might indicate an infection.