14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant

How is Your Baby Growing at 14 Weeks?

By week 14, your placenta is fully supporting your baby’s growth by supplying oxygen, nutrients, and hormones.


Your baby’s nervous system is sending impulses from the brain to the facial muscles, causing them to make different expressions. Their legs, knees, fingers, and toes are bending and flexing.


Your baby is still producing urine and their tiny liver is starting to secrete bile, and the spleen begins to produce red blood cells.

 fetus at 14 weeks pregnant

How Big is Your Baby at 14 Weeks?

At week 14, your baby is 8.5 cm (about the size of a lemon) and weighs 45 g.


What Happens at 14 Weeks?

By week 14, you will have had your first scan. Your belly will be protruding even more as the uterus comes above your pelvis. You’re likely to have gained around 10-12 kg of body weight.


What Symptoms Will You Have at 14 Weeks?

If you haven’t done so already by now, week 14, you will start to notice veins on your breasts and darkening of the areolas.


You may start to notice slight pains in your abdomen. This is common during the second trimester of pregnancy due to the expansion of your abdominal muscles to make room for the growing uterus.


As your baby grows more and more, you may start to notice an increase in appetite. Make sure to fuel your body with the right foods to support your own health and immunity.


Your hair may become thicker and shinier due to the pregnancy hormones in your body.