15 Weeks Pregnant

15 Weeks Pregnant

How is Your Baby Growing at 15 Weeks?

Your baby’s elbow and knee joints are fully functioning at week 15. They will be fidgeting and moving in the amniotic fluid. This fluid will be moving in and out of their lungs to keep the alveoli open and functional.


The facial muscles will be activated and they will be creating a range of different expressions. Although the eyelids are still closed at this point, your baby will be sensitive to light. They will also be able to pick up different noises, such as your voice, heartbeat, and digestive noises.

 fetus at 15 weeks pregnant

How Big is Your Baby at 15 Weeks?

At week 15, your baby is 10 cm (about the size of a peach) and weighs 70 g.


What Happens at 15 Weeks?

At week 15, you may start to experience backache as your uterus is growing and your baby gets heavier. Your next scan will be in 3-6 weeks.


What Symptoms Will You Have at 15 Weeks?

Around week 15, it’s common to experience sore, swollen, and bleeding gums (gingivitis). You may also have regular nosebleeds (pregnant rhinitis).


Around week 15, you will notice vaginal discharge. It should be clear or milky white and it should not have a foul smell. If you get itchiness or soreness around your vagina, speak to your midwife as you may have an infection.