19 Weeks Pregnant

19 Weeks Pregnant

How is Your Baby Growing at 19 Weeks?

When you reach week 19, your baby’s senses are developing, including their sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.


Their arms and legs will continue developing and will start to look more proportional relative to each other.


At this point, your baby is covered in something called vernix, which is a mixture of fine hairs (lanugo), dead skin cells, and oil. This vernix protects your baby’s skin from wrinkling too much.


How Big is Your Baby at 19 Weeks?

At week 19, your baby is 15 cm (about the size of a mango) and weighs 260 g.


What Happens at 19 Weeks?

Your pregnancy bump will be much more noticeable by week 19 and its growth will only start to accelerate from this point onwards.


You will be offered a date and time for your second ultrasound scan during week 19 if you haven’t already arranged your appointment.


What Symptoms Will You Have at 19 Weeks?


Around week 19 is when you will feel the first significant baby movements. You might soon start to feel the odd kick! If you’re concerned about a lack of movement, you can relay these concerns to your midwife during your upcoming ultrasound scan appointment.


The extra oestrogen in your body may cause you to become blushed in the face and palm. Red patches on the skin, called chloasma, might start to appear and your nipples may become darker too.


At this stage, you might start to see a dark line that runs from your belly button down to your public bone. This is known as lines nigra and it is temporary. It will disappear shortly after birth.