20 Weeks Pregnant

20 Weeks Pregnant

How is Your Baby Growing at 20 Weeks?

From week 20 onwards, your baby starts to become more active. You will feel more movements and kicks, especially during the times of the day and night when you’re more relaxed.


Your baby is still surrounded by vernix and they are also producing something called meconium, which is a black waxy substance formed from amniotic fluid, digestive secretions, and dead skin cells. This will become the first bowel movement after your baby is born.


The permanent teeth will be forming behind your baby’s milk teeth, and the genitals are fully formed by week 20.


How Big is Your Baby at 20 Weeks?

At week 20, your baby is 15 cm and weighs 300 g.


What Happens at 20 Weeks?

Your mid-pregnancy scan occurs at 20 weeks (if not, then it will occur in week 21). This is offered to every pregnant woman and it takes place to check that your baby is growing at a healthy rate. The scan will produce a 2D black and white image of the side of your baby.


What Symptoms Will You Have at 20 Weeks?

During week 20, you may feel lethargic and dizzy, and you might get the odd headache and nose bleed. You are also likely to experience bloating and constipation. There may be stretch marks appearing around your breasts and abdomen too.