40 Weeks Pregnant

40 Weeks Pregnant

Week 40

How is Your Baby Growing at 40 Weeks?

Your baby’s body fat percentage has reached 15% and their lanugo is now completely gone. Your baby is ready for birth at this stage and labour can occur at any moment.

 week 40 foetus

How Big is Your Baby at 40 Weeks?

At 38 weeks, your baby is 51.2 cm (about the size of a small pumpkin) and weighs 3.5 kg.


What Happens at 40 Weeks?

At 40 weeks, you are ready to give birth! 80% of births occur naturally without needing labour induction. However, if you haven’t given birth by the end of week 40, your midwife or doctor will discuss potential options for induction.


What Symptoms Will You Have at 40 Weeks?

Symptoms of early labour include strong, short contractions, lower backache, loss of the mucas plug that has been sealing the cervix throughout the pregnancy.


If this is your first baby, labour is likely to last between 12-16 hours. When your contractions are occurring every 5-10 minutes and are lasting 45-60 seconds, you should call your midwife. They will tell you what to do. If you haven't’ planned to give birth at home, they will likely tell you to grab your bags and head out the door to the hospital!