About us

Our Story and Mission

The idea behind Dearbump was conceived in 2017, two mums whilst discussing their pregnancies realised that whilst there are hundreds of products for babies, there was not much out there for us mums. Finding information and products for pregnancy is hard. We didn’t know where to look to find products when we were pregnant and there wasn’t much choice in supermarkets.

The idea was born. A monthly subscription box which can be delivered to mums to be throughout their pregnancy.

Dearbump is somewhere you can go to find a range of products specific to pregnancy which have been tested and selected for your stage of pregnancy. Pregnancy is both exciting and worrying time, you want to give your baby the best start in life and ensure you do everything right, but it can be hard finding products which are safe for pregnancy.

We wanted to put together a package which allows parents to taking a little time out each month to make memories of their pregnancy and spend quality time bonding with their bumps.

It’s something mums will remember when looking back on their pregnancies. We conducted extensive research, to find and filter through the market to find the best products for pregnant women.

Dearbump provides products which have been chosen specifically for each month throughout pregnancy with advice and information and links to resources which some women might not otherwise have access to.

Our boxes contain healthy snacks, pregnancy tea, beauty products, personal care products, and gifts and treats to pamper mums to be.