Due Date Calculator

Wondering when your baby will be born? Our easy to use due date calculator can tell you that with just a few clicks.

We know the feeling of excitement and anticipation when you take a pregnancy test and read out your positive result. Now all you can think about is how soon it'll be until this new little person comes into your lives. Even if you’ve not seen the doctor or midwife yet, in a few simple steps we can get an estimate of how far along you are and when you can expect to meet your little one.
Your due date can be calculated using our calculator by knowing either your conception date or the last date of your period. Once you have your due date, not only can you get the right subscription box for you, but you can start planning for your new arrival and take the best steps for your pregnancy right now. Lucky for you, we have you covered; with information in each of our boxes about your pregnancy, your baby, advice from real mums and checklists to get you prepped. 

Using the due date calculator

Calculating your due date is not as hard as you might think! Just enter the first day of your last period into our calculator and select "Calculate My Due Date." Pregnancy usually lasts from 37 weeks up until 42 weeks from the first day of your last period.

If you've been tracking ovulation then you may be able to use your conception date to calculate your pregnancy due date. Select Conception Date in the calculator, and enter your conception date.




You need to know the first day of your last period or date of conception to use this calculator.
A 12-week scan may be able to give you a more accurate date for the birth of your baby. A midwife will offer this service as part of antenatal care.

Will my baby be born on my due date?

keep in mind that no one knows the exact date your baby will arrive (only about four per cent of all babies born on their due date!) but it's likely to come within weeks either side if estimated delivery date which means having things ready beforehand could make life easier when THAT day arrives!