Reinventing Workplace Support

We're on a mission to help businesses to support their team during life's biggest moments.

With 54,000 pregnant women leaving their jobs each year and 1/3 of dads changing jobs for a better work-life balance it is important to ensure you build a great reputation as a family friendly employer.

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  • Preventative & Proactive

    We don't wait for people to tell us their problems or hit rock bottom. We check-in on your employees on a weekly or monthly basis

  • Instant Support

    No bookings, no waiting around for a callback. Our experts are there 7 days a week, 8 hours a day to chat.

  • No Apps

    No one wants to download another app, which is why our support is on apps people already know and use.

  • Expert Advice

    Insured, qualified and experienced practitioners

  • Wellbeing Boxes

    We curate wellbeing packages filled with information and products. Every item is chosen specifically for each stage of parenthood to help at the right time. 

Helping you attract & retain talent so your business grows

With more job opportunities than workers what are you doing to stand out from the competition?

Do you want to enhance your reputation as a family-friendly employer?
Do you want to improve the wellbeing & happiness of your team?

We can help

Did you know that 95% of people don't use employee assistant programmes (EAPs) or other wellbeing tools provided by their employer?

We're different. We have simple, effective, personalised conversations with your employees at the right time, on apps they already use. We remove barriers to support so your people will use our wellbeing support.

The result?

Healthier Lives

Better Performance

Stronger Reputation

Enduring Loyalty

Millennials and Gen-Z prioritise social activism

Millennials and Gen Z care about what's happening in the world. Social media has given them a voice, and they want to make the world a better place. They expect their chosen employer to care about what they care about, their personal lives, families, and actively work on issues that matter to them.

Gen Z want to see that you have strong ethics and can demonstrate them

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Why Us?

Proactive not reactive

Wellbeing checks from pregnancy to 2 yrs post birth

Qualified and experienced health practitioners

Support and Care packages for all parents

Inclusive support

Instant support, no need to book an appointment