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Mummy cards by Isabella and Us - paper wrapped

Mummy cards by Isabella and Us - paper wrapped

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Mummy Milestone Cards

Milestone Cards for Mummies to celebrate those small wins and help promote positive wellbeing.

This set includes Mummy Milestone Cards designed by myself to have in Photos and share all the important moments of your new arrival and journey as a mummy!

These cards are the perfect gift for mummies and are the perfect pick me up and reminder that they are doing an amazing job!

This pack of Mummy Cards is the full set of cards includes 29 cards and includes every different card from both packs of our other Mummy Cards.

The Milestone Cards measure 85 x 55mm (business card size) and are the perfect size to fit in your changing bag or handbag to take with you everyday so you never miss a moment.

The cards come in a paper wrapped perfect to keep your cards safe from damage from leaks, bumps and clothes covered in sick or poo explosions.

All Packs include a range of Mummy Cards including:

* Today I am winning at being a mummy
* Today I got a lie in
* Today I changed a nappy without getting weed on
* Today I survived my first public meltdown
Today I had a shower in peace
* Today I left the house in clean clothes
* Today I left the house on time with everything I need
* Today I had a hot drink
* Today I told my child a white lie
* Today I got more than four hours sleep
* Today I got to to the bathroom in peace

The pack also includes two ‘Today I …’ for you to write your own Mummy Milestones on.

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