15 Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2024

15 Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2024

What better way to spoil your mum or partner on Mother’s Day than with a thoughtful gift she’ll treasure? No matter what your budget is, you can find the perfect choice whether it’s something functional to suit her lifestyle or a lovely keepsake. Sentimentality is key when choosing your gift so be sure to think about what your mum would truly like for a heartfelt gift to let her know how special she is to you. Here are the 15 best Mother’s Day gifts we recommend for 2024.

  1.       A morning sickness kit

An expectant mum can do with a helping hand to curb the queasiness of morning sickness. A thoughtful gift from the womb is a kit to help ease the constant feeling of nausea.

  1.       A framed handprint and footprint

A new mum will adore a framed keepsake of her newborn’s handprint and footprint. With the impressions mounted next to a cute baby photo, this precious memory will be treasured forever.

  1.       A pamper gift

All mum’s get tired and stressed out, no matter how old their children are! So give your mum the break she deserves with a gift that pampers her. This can be a collection of gorgeously scented products for the bath or aromatherapy oils to be used for luxurious massages or to create a relaxing ambience in the home.

  1.   A memory book

This is the perfect way for your mum to keep a record of all the special moments that happen between you. As she fills the pages, your experiences together are saved to be looked at and cherished over and over again.

  1.   Afternoon tea

Treat your mum to a special afternoon tea. Enjoy some time together on Mother’s Day as you indulge in sandwiches, cakes, a pot of tea and maybe a glass of bubbly too!

  1.   A soft blanket

Whilst we’re sure your mum won’t need to cuddle up with anything other than you, a soft blanket makes snuggling that much better! What better way to encourage her to put her feet up and relax in comfort.

  1.   A framed photo of you together

Capture a fond memory of you both in a special frame. Choose a decorative frame in a style she’ll love or with a special Mother’s Day message carved or engraved on it. If you’ve got a bigger budget, splash out on a digital frame to display a host of different photos of your favourite times together.

  1.   A bathtub caddy tray

Is there anything more relaxing for your mum than a long soak in a hot bath? Well, yes, surprise her with an adjustable bathtub caddy tray that holds her book or tablet, bath accessories and, more importantly, a glass of wine!

  1.   An adult paint by numbers kit

Your mum doesn’t need to be an artist to enjoy this gift! Painting by numbers is a great way to be creative and is a very relaxing way to spend some time.

  1.   A photo magnet

A small, thoughtful gift can mean the world to your mum. Have your photo or a photo of you both printed onto a magnet. Then she can smile every time she walks to the fridge or wherever your magnet has pride of place.

  1.   A sleep kit

Being a mum can be exhausting so help yours get some much-deserved sleep with a thoughtful gift. Choose some lavender oil for her pillow, a lavender-scented candle and an eye mask to help her drift off into peaceful slumber.

  1.   A smart mug

Life as a mum can be busy, busy, busy! How many times have you seen your mum make a cup of tea or coffee only for it to get cold while she goes about her jobs? A temperature control smart mug ensures she never has to be disappointed with a cold cuppa again.

  1.   An acupressure mat

Help your mum relieve some tension after a stressful day with an acupressure mat. The tiny plastic spikes work wonders whether your mum stands or lies on the mat. A roll-up mat with handles means your mum can benefit from it wherever she goes while an additional pillow can be used simultaneously for her neck or feet.

  1.   A birth month flower grow kit

Certain flowers are associated with particular months so choose a kit that contains the seeds for the month your mum was born in. As this kit contains everything your mum needs to grow these beautiful flowers, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have green fingers.

  1.   Birthstone jewellery

Have a personalised bracelet or necklace made with your birthstone set in it for a special gift your mum will treasure. If you have siblings, include one of each birthstone as a wonderful joint Mother’s Day present.

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