25 Baby Shower Gifts Perfect for Parents-to-Be in 2024

25 Baby Shower Gifts Perfect for Parents-to-Be in 2024

Unless you’ve lived through the experience of having a baby yourself, you would probably have a hard time picking a great baby shower gift. It helps if the parents-to-be have a baby shower wishlist, but if they don’t, you might find yourself looking clueless in the baby aisle. 

Don’t fret, though, as we’re here to guide you. We’ve listed 25 baby shower gift ideas below:

  • Muslin swaddle blankets 
  • These soft, lightweight swaddle blankets won’t only tuck baby in at night. But they can also be used as breastfeeding covers and so much more! Classic baby shower gift idea.

  • Ergonomic baby carrier
  • Toting a baby around isn’t easy on the back. Help the new mums and dads deal with that by giving them an ergonomic baby carrier. 

  • Smart sleeper baby cot
  • Feeling generous? Get the parents-to-be a responsive baby cot that can help their little one get a good sleep with calming womb-like rocking motions and soothing white noise.

  • Personalised pillow
  • A charming, personalised pillow is a great baby shower gift. It’s something that the parents (or even the child) can keep for years.

  • Foldable baby bathtub
  • With a foldable baby bathtub, it’s easier for parents to bathe their newborn. They can quickly fold and hang the tub when not in use.

  • Playmat
  • Get a cute-looking playmat or gym to help with the baby’s tummy time. Make sure to pick one with a stylish design to impress the new mum and dad, as well.

  • Photo book
  • Now that the world has gone digital, there’s something special about a classic photo book. That’s a great present for parents who want to document all the precious baby moments.

  • High-tech infant seat
  • Rocking a baby to sleep each night isn’t a piece of cake. Give mums and dads’ arms a break by buying them a high-tech infant seat with motion settings that can calm their baby to sleep.

  • White noise machine
  • The “baby shusher” is a godsend for modern parents. It used a real human voice to lull infants to sleep, letting exhausted parents catch up on their much-needed rest.

  • Pampering kit for mum
  • Don’t forget about the mum! What’s the best gift for her? A pampering kit that’ll remind her of the value of self-care. Send our New Mum Gift Box or Baby Shower Gift Box to her place.

  • Nursing pillow
  • Whether the mum-to-be plans to breastfeed or not, she can benefit a lot from a good nursing pillow. It can save her back whenever she has to nurse, bottle-feed or cuddle with her baby.

  • Pre and post-birth heal boxes
  • Looking for another great idea for the expectant mum? Check out our Birth Prep and Heal Box and New Mum Post Birth Heal Box.

  • Breast pump storage kit
  • Does the expectant mother already have a breast pump? Get her a stylish, efficient breast pump storage kit instead. 

  • Dad-to-be-survival kit
  • Will the expectant dad be at the baby shower? Give him something, too. Create a daddy-to-be survival kit—a box full of things he may need while waiting at the hospital.

  • Healthcare and grooming kit
  • Want a practical baby shower gift? Buy a kit that includes a cute little comb, hairbrush, thermometer and more. 

  • Baby monitor
  • Help the parents keep an eye on their little one through an HD baby monitor that can track real-time breathing and sleeping. Some models even have a tamper-resistant chip for extra security. 

  • Silk sleep masks
  • If you’re looking for a simple gift for the parents-to-be, go for silk sleep masks. Those will help them get their much-needed sleep after two to three consecutive restless nights. 

  • Smart bottle and food warmer
  • With this device, modern parents can heat milk bottles quickly. They won’t need to worry about overheating the milk or any baby food as long as they set the correct temperature.

  • Cute baby booties
  • Does the gift registry run out of items for you to purchase? You can never go wrong with pair of cute baby booties. They’re easy for parents to remove but harder for babies to take off. 

  • Compact travel cot
  • Want to make the baby’s first day out convenient for new mums and dads? Then, the best baby shower gift idea is a lightweight, compact travel cot.

  • Pram organiser
  • Parents can always use more space for snacks, wipes, pacifiers and other little things they need when they have a baby in tow. So, a sleek pram organiser will always be a good idea.

  • Portable high chair
  • Dining out with a baby or even a toddler can be chaotic. But that can be less stressful with a sturdy, hook-on high chair that parents can easily store in the car and clip onto most tables.

  • Travel changing mat
  • Thinking of a gift for new mums and dads who are always on the go? Buy a travel changing mat. It’s waterproof and quick to clean, making nappy changing hassle-free.

  • Cushy closer door cushions
  • What can wake a sleeping baby? The sound of a door closing and knob clicking. Anticipate that by gifting expectant parents with cushy closer door cushions.

  • Anti-colic feeding bottles
  • Even when they’re clean and healthy, babies with colic inconsolably cry for a longer time than most infants. Help the new parents avoid that by gifting them anti-colic feeding bottles.

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