Baby shower ideas!

Baby shower ideas!

Planning a baby shower? Check out these baby shower ideas for a beautiful and fun party!

Planning a baby shower? Check out these baby shower ideas for a beautiful and fun party! Last year, I organized a surprise baby shower for two beloved pregnant friends in our MBA class, and it was an absolute success... We thought we would share some tips with our readers, from decoration to baby shower games. Organize a shopping list On Pinterest, there are dozens of cute ideas for decoration, but the essentials are table decorations and you can find some kits already ready for this purpose.

Balloons are also always welcome!

Baby Shower Food

Think about what you will serve, because you may need to prepare the day before. Cold options are easier, since you may not have an oven or stove nearby. Fresh and easy snacks are the best ones, we prepared as much as possible for our canapes the day before and then finished them off on the day.

Baby shower game ideas

This made the day so much fun and everybody got involved. We chose 6 baby shower games and organized an order for them. The winner of each one won a small medal and in the end whoever had the highest number of medals took the "trophy": a basket with chocolates;). As soon as the party started, we explained how it would work and announced the first game:

Don’t Say Baby

If anyone who won a medal says the word, he or she lost it. This is actually really fun; you wouldn’t imagine how difficult is not saying baby in a baby shower...

Find the dummy

The second game announced was the Hidden Pacifiers, as the name implies, we prepared the room before the party with some of them. We let the guests know about it and they had the entire party to find them.

Guess the belly size

Early in the party we also started passing a list to get the bets for the Belly Size, and we took advantage and asked people to kindly write a message to the babies and moms.

My Water Broke

You can get a buy little plastic baby online and make some baby-filled ice cubes, fill glasses of sparkling elderflower and whoever’s ice melt first, wins. What is nice about these games above is that you don’t need to interrupt the party every time, and they happen more spontaneously.

Guess the Baby Food.

We organized people in pairs and one of them had to give the food and the other one try it with the eyes closed. Be smart and buy those ones that have more than one flavour, it will be really fun realizing how confusing they can be...

Diaper Derby

You can wait until the father arrives and have the mum vs dad compete or you can ask for volunteers to challenge the mum. Two people compete to change the diapers of two baby toys as fast as they can.

Have you ever had any good (or bad!) experience with baby showers?


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