Nessa Organics

Nessa Organics

The brand Nessa Organics is a female founded and owned company. All of the products within Nessa Organics are 100% natural and organic! These ladies know what they are talking about and are providing us women with the best quality of products.


I love the fact that these products are completely fragrance free they do their job without needing a smell meaning they are suitable for almost everyone also great for ladies with sensitive skin. The brand is also vegan and cruelty free another BONUS.




The Vagina Victory Oil;

VVO works to restore, re-balance and provide long term relief and lasting care for the vagina. Collagen-boosting ingredients help replenish moisture into the skin, aid elasticity, loosen scar tissue, and promote healthy vagina tissue through daily massage.


Scar Saviour;

It works to repair and renew skin texture, accelerating skin and scar recovery. Loaded with powerful plant actives, oils and butters that help minimise the appearance, colour and texture of scars naturally. Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Nipple SOS;

This wonderfully relieving balm is packed full of moisture-boosting butters, expertly blended with tropical fruit oils to soothe and renew dry, cracked nipples and skin- A breastfeeding mother's essential, no need to remove before breastfeeding.


I am so excited to use these products during pregnancy and postpartum! 

Be you and be beautiful,

Billie x




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