Past your due date?

past your due date?

Ideas for surviving the last days of pregnancy

Since week 37 you’ve been thinking that it could happen at any time. But guess what? It didn’t. You’re overdue. Congratulations! You’re now part of the 5-to-10% of pregnant women who are constantly texting their partners ‘I think this is it!’ - but it isn’t.

Here’s a few things you can do to survive the next couple of days:

Go for a walk

Long walks can help your baby move down onto your cervix so she's in the right position for labour. Also, connecting with nature makes your body produce oxytocin. So does chit-chatting with neighbours.

Get a furry friend

Having a pet around you is a great distraction. You can talk as much as you like to a cat or a dog and they won’t give you the usual annoying advice “Stay calm.”. A cuddle can reduce anxiety and make the days feel shorter. If you don’t have a pet at home, the app BorrowMyDoggy lets you connect with neighbours who need pet-sitting.


Knitting is the ultimate mindful activity. Once you start, you can’t think about anything else. In one of Dear Bump’s boxes you can find a knitting kit for beginners that contains everything you need to knit one pair of beautiful mittens for a new baby.


You might not be feeling a full body massage at this stage, but you’ll be delighted with someone applying pressure, stretching and moving your feet. Many women undergo reflexology treatments to encourage labor, especially if they are overdue.

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