Proud of You

Proud of You
Being able to show the different sides of my body I don’t usually show makes me realise that it doesn’t matter what people think I’m doing this for me.
I am so proud of my big saggy boobs, my overhang on my tummy, my squidgy bits on my sides. I am amazed at how much I hated my body as an early teen wishing all these bits were a little more tucked and smaller. Now I know how much I took my body for granted.
We always wish for something different, something more, something better. We never accept the fact we need to appreciate the beauty of our body and the design we have been given. Our body is bespoke to us.
My body is changing on the daily with sprout inside, I am so proud to see this change originally I hated the fact my stomach was getting bigger and I was loosing my curves but at month 8 of my pregnancy I have realised how short we are actually pregnant for. I’m embracing every second of my body now. Knowing it won’t be here for much longer at all!! Be proud of you now don’t wish away the days. Don’t hope for a better body be proud of you and be proud of the amazing beauty that you are!
Be you and be beautiful ✨

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