Top Tips for Throwing an Amazing Baby Shower This 2024

Planning a baby shower for your loved ones expecting their little one soon? There are quite a few things to think of and plan for. It can be overwhelming, but with these tips, you can make the event fun and convenient—whether it will be held in-person or virtually. 

Give yourself at least a month to plan.

Like any event, a baby shower requires ample planning to ensure its success. So give yourself plenty of lead time to iron out all the details. But first, decide on the shower date. There are no hard and fast rules about picking baby shower dates, but many expecting parents prefer the second or early third trimester. By then, the mum-to-be is far enough along to be showing but not too close to her due date that she’d get easily tired. 


Once the event date is selected, make sure to start planning at least a month ahead. Work with the parents-to-be to finalise the guest list as early as possible. That can help you decide better on the different aspects of the party, like the event venue, menu, theme and more. 

Pick a baby shower theme.

You have lots of to-dos, but choosing a theme is a decision that can help dictate the rest. A theme can help everything else come together—from what the invitations will look like to which party decorations and games to choose to make the event fun and memorable.


Even if you plan to hold the baby shower online, a theme can help you in many ways. You can use it as a guide as you create Zoom backgrounds, pick games and plan the gift reveal. 

Pick a spacious venue.

When it comes to venues, your options are endless. You can have it in the home of the parents-to-be, a banquet hall, a hotel, a barn or practically anywhere suitable. One important consideration, though, is the number of guests you will have.  

Want to hold a virtual baby shower instead? Pick the most suitable video conferencing app. Zoom, for instance, can limit the party to 40 minutes without a paid membership, but it can accommodate up to 100 participants. Plus, make sure the guests are familiar with the app. Include app instructions in your invitations so that each guest can join the party conveniently. 

Finalise the menu.

Baby shower menus are often light hors d’oeuvres. You can also add little touches that match the baby shower theme, like ice cream sandwich bars for a summer theme. Ask the parents-to-be, too. Maybe, they have favourite food items that they want to be served. And don’t forget about the mum-to-be; you might want to go for a pregnancy-safe charcuterie board. The same goes for some guests with allergies (be sure to ask them beforehand!).

If the baby shower party is virtual, send each guest a charcuterie box and a simple list of ingredients for DIY cocktails. That way, they can prep a fun drink ahead and virtually toast during the gift reveal (or throughout the online party).

Go crazy with baby shower games.

The main activity in a baby shower is the gift reveal, but you can also add fun games to enliven the party! You can put a modern twist on classic baby shower games like “Guess the Baby Food” or “Who Knows Mommy Best?” to make the in-person party more exciting. Plan each game; make sure you have all the props you need before the day of the event.


“Guess the Baby Photo” and “Emoji Pictionary” are a hit in virtual baby showers. The Jackbox Party games are also a great option for smaller parties. If you can’t narrow down your game list, go back to your theme. Which games suit your theme? Plus, ask the parents-to-be. See if they’re comfortable with all the games you plan to have in the shower.  

Select fun party favours.

Baby shower favours aren’t essential, but it’s a nice gesture to give guests a thank-you gift as they leave the party. You don’t need anything big—artisanal soap bars, sweet treats or small succulents are thoughtful gift ideas. In case you run out of time, you can dress up store-bought favours with creative packaging in line with your baby shower theme. Don’t forget about the parents, too. Sure, they’ll receive a lot of gifts, but it’s also great if they get something from the host. Hand the mum a Baby Shower Gift Box or a New Mum Gift Box. 


The same goes for virtual baby showers. You can pick party favours that match the theme. Then, send them to the guests along with the charcuterie box or an individual meal for the party. Online gift cards are great party favours, too. 

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