Pregnancy Week by Week - Week 8-12

Pregnancy Week by Week - Week 8-12
Month 2
At 2 months pregnant, the changes in your body are really taking hold. If you hadn’t noticed any symptoms yet, you’ll certainly start feeling tired, nauseous and bloated now. Your hormones are really kicking in at this stage, and the news of your pregnancy is probably sinking in. You’ll no doubt be excited, nervous, happy, worried and confused all at the same time.
You may experience heartburn or constipation. Eating smaller meals more frequently and resting as much as you can usually help with this. Shortness of breath is common at this stage. You might also notice your breasts are feeling sensitive or getting bigger – these changes are totally normal throughout your pregnancy.
Everybody is different, but at this point you are unlikely to start showing yet. You may feel bloated, but it’s not usually until 12 weeks that your bump makes an appearance. Don’t worry if you’re showing much sooner or later than this; every pregnancy is different and there is no right or wrong.
At this point your baby has developed from an embryo into a foetus. Their legs are growing longer, although their knees, toes and ankles haven’t formed yet. Your little one is now fully immersed in the amniotic sac, where the fluid helps to develop their bones, muscles and digestive system.
At the earliest stages of pregnancy, your baby starts off at the size of a poppy seed.
Slowly your little one grows and grows, getting bigger every day but still only the size of a sweet pea or raspberry. 
By the time you reach the end of your first trimester, the baby has grown to 1/2 an ounce and is now the size of a lime! 
12 weeks is when most parents choose to share their good news. This time is perfect as you will have had your first scan and confirmation of a healthy pregnancy. It is also means you have a picture to share with your family and friends!
 pregnancy announcement
Whether you’ve told people you’re trying for a baby or it’s a complete surprise, this is a special moment to share with your loved ones. How you want to announce the news is a personal choice only you and your partner can make, so have a think about how you’d like to let people know. Some like to make a big announcement, whereas others prefer to keep it low-key and intimate. There is no right or wrong way to tell people about your pregnancy, as long as you and your partner are happy with it.
You might also want to consider who you want to tell at this point. Everyone is different, but if you only want to tell the people closest to you, that is absolutely fine. Similarly if you want to tell everyone that will listen about your pregnancy, go ahead!
  • Feel pressured to tell everyone. Whether you keep it to yourself for now or just tell close family, you don’t have to tell everyone about your pregnancy. Don’t feel like you must let your employer know immediately or inform everyone on your friends list. Go at your own pace and tell exactly who you want when you want.
  • Forget to book a dental appointment. Pregnancy increases the risk of dental problems that could result in premature birth. Get a check up and let the dentist know of your pregnancy.