39 Weeks Pregnant

39 Weeks Pregnant

Week 39

How is Your Baby Growing at 39 Weeks?

At 39 weeks, the lanugo hair that once covered your baby’s skin is now almost completely gone. Fat is depositing below the skin and the brain is continuing to develop.


Their lungs are still producing surfactant, which lubricates the alveoli and reduces the surface tension of the fluid that is surrounding each lung.

 week 39 foetus

How Big is Your Baby at 39 Weeks?

At 39 weeks, your baby is 50.7 cm (about the size of a large watermelon) and weighs 3.3 kg.


What Happens at 39 Weeks?

Labour is just around the corner. Be prepared for your waters to break at any moment. The early signs of labour include a watery discharge and an aching pain in your lower back.


What Symptoms Will You Have at 39 Weeks?

By week 39, you will notice more Braxton Hicks contractions. You may still be experiencing the same symptoms as you have been over the past few weeks, including headaches, backache, heartburn, indigestion, and trouble sleeping.